Morgan joined the B2B team after recently graduating from Rowan University. With Morgan's background, she is equipped with skills and expertise in event planning and promotional marketing. For Morgan, each day on the job is different. Morgan works with customers to help create solutions to ensure successful events and projects. She works closely with the outside sales team for seamless and timely execution of projects. While managing and executing projects from start to finish, Morgan also helps run social media for B2B. Morgan is friendly, helpful and always finds creative solutions to get the job done.

Super skill: Juggling multiple balls and keeping things on track

Secret talent: Surfing

Favorite movie: The Great Gatsby (2013)

If you could have one superpower: Flying

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?: Santorini, Greece

Go-to karaoke song: "Valarie" by Amy Winehouse

Dream dinner guest: Matthew McConohhey

A fear you’re proud to have overcome: Public Speaking